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January 24
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Hi everyone~ I decided to hold my first art contest! I really wanted to see other people draw my ocs along with my friend's ocs. :iconsawbplz: I figured I would hold a contest~ 

What this contest is about and what do we have to draw?

This contest is going to be about love. Create an artwork based on the original character couples given that you can use, and try to be creative as you can! You will have multiple choices to choose from, and we will judge them all the same, no bias towards which one you will pick


(If anyone else wants to donate, you are allowed to note me)
I am going to go straight to here since I know many of you only want to join depending on the prizes.

1st Place

:bulletblue: 12 month premium membership or exchanged for points
:bulletblue: 1000 points
:bulletblue: :iconangel-souls: 100 points/ full body/headshot
:bulletblue: Waist up
:iconbehaved:-Full body
:iconrashirou:-full body
:iconyukidomarix:  Full Body and Chibi
:iconirockssocks: waist up and pixel
:iconchiyenn: Chest up
:icongorillaa:1st Pixel
:iconzeranran:pixel pagedoll or a drawn headshot(She picks which one)
:iconbananasaurr: Bust full color
:iconaltairria: waist up
:iconmaniac-ani: A headshot
:iconyenkin: chest up colored + pixel icon
:iconyuuike: full body sketch
:iconsilverblossoms: knee up sketch
:iconartratene: Colored headshot
:iconjaylu:  Waist-up coloured sketch
:iconsnoozies: Pixel Page doll
:iconshuuheei: Chibi
:iconkimidoll:1 waist up + 1 chest up sketch + 1 head sketch
:iconbutter-yums: Full Body
:iconpakkuma: Chibi
:iconalicec2246: full body
:iconpyon-hiyokoi: Colored torso
:iconxhelloxkitty: Full body Anime Traditional 
:iconmasami-chii: Chibi or headshot
:iconmonstermallow-kun: Full body
:iconikimikiquicky: 2 chibi bust
:icondalkishy: Colored Headshot
:icongrayoblivion: Black and white Traditional headshot and chibi
:icontranquilerin: Pixel icon
:iconnamiirin: 1 icon
:iconkanaimon: Full body 

2nd Place


:bulletblue: 3 month premium membership or points
:iconxoxnata: Giving an additional 3 month prem membership!
:bulletblue: 600 points
:bulletblue: :iconangel-souls: 100 points/Chibi/Full body
:bulletblue:Headshot from me
:iconbehaved:-  waist up
:iconrashirou:- waist up
:iconyukidomarix: Waist up
:iconirockssocks: waist up
:iconchiyenn: Chest up sketch
:iconzeranran: pixel pagedoll or a drawn headshot (she chooses)
:iconbananasaurr: Bust sketch
:iconaltairria: bust
:iconyenkin: chest up sketch
:iconyuuike: chibi sketch for second 
:iconartratene:  portrait sketch 
:iconjaylu:chest-up coloured sketch
:iconsnoozies:Pixel icon
:iconshuuheei:Pixel page doll
:iconkimidoll:1 waist up + 1 head sketch
:iconbutter-yums: Headshot
:iconalicec2246:Bust up
:iconpyon-hiyokoi:Inked torso
:iconxhelloxkitty: Full body Anime Traditional 
:iconmasami-chii: Chibi or headshot
:iconmonstermallow-kun: Half body 
:iconikimikiquicky: 1 chibi bust
:icongrayoblivion: Black and white Traditional headshot and chibi
:icontranquilerin: Pixel icon
:iconnamiirin: 1 icon
:iconmilktea-pandah: Icon

3rd place

:bulletblue: 1 month premium membership or points
:iconxoxnata: Giving an additional 3 month premium membership!
:bulletblue: 400 points
:bulletblue::iconangel-souls:  100 points/ full body/chibi
:bulletblue: Chibi from me
:iconbehaved: chibi
:iconyukidomarix: Chibi
:iconirockssocks: head shot
:iconchiyenn: Chibi
:iconzeranran: pixel pagedoll or a drawn headshot(her choice)
:iconbananasaurr: Chibi sketch
:iconaltairria: chibi
:iconyenkin: chibi colored
:iconjaylu:  Head-shot coloured sketch
:icon082497: pixel page doll
:iconsnoozies: Pixel Icon
:iconshuuheei:Pixel Page doll
:iconkimidoll: 1 waist up
:iconbutter-yums: Headshot
:iconalicec2246: headshot 
:iconpyon-hiyokoi:Inked Headshot
:iconxhelloxkitty: Chibi
:iconmonstermallow-kun: Chibi 
:iconyuu-tanni: black and white chibi 
:iconikimikiquicky:1 chibi sketchy bust
:icongrayoblivion: Black and white Traditional headshot and chibi
:icontranquilerin: Pixel icon
:iconnamiirin: 1 icon


(The order is based on the chronological order they were made a couple) 



Draw Naoki and Kana together.
Naoki by :icondokikirabishiesenpai:Naoki Full Body Reference(Info added) by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiNaoki by ShumijinWater Color Style Naoki by DizzyTLong by MikadosHappy Birthday Rina! by xBlueStaarTo: RinaRinaRina~ by baenanaNyaaaoki by baenana

Kana by :iconbaenana:Ref: Tsubaki Kana by baenana

Naokana pictures: Naokana chibi by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiNaokana Winter hug+speedpaint by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiBefore and After Meme of  Naokana Hug by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiMy food is... by baenanaKana's way: How to make a Naoki Dakimakura by baenanaNaokana Smile by Bishie-Senpai
Small description: Naoki and Kana are currently married.. Kana tends to tease Naoki a lot, and Naoki use to be very mean  and cold until he grew to love Kana. Naoki is rather really gentle with her now, and tends to smile more than usual. He use to have a blank face most of the time, but now he doesn't. Kana would call Naoki a cat, while Naoki would think of Kana as a dog at times. Kana likes to write her memories on small pieces of paper with Naokiand put it in a jar. Naoki sort of recently started to do photography as well so they can save their memories more. You are allowed to draw them in any way that you wish, but please do not draw Kana's chest too big. She is about average, and yeah we don't need things to be drawn out of character. You are allowed to take out the goggles from his hair.  Naoki always sees Kana as an angel, so he never thinks she is really bad.More info about the character themselves can be found on their character reference.




Draw Luzio and Yuki together.  
Luzio by :icondokikirabishiesenpai::Luzio Character Ref by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiTo: RinaRinaRina~ by baenana
Rainbow Panel OCs by DokiKiraBishieSenpai(Far left)

Yuki by :iconbaenana:Ref: Yuki by baenana

Luki Pictures:Luki by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiLuki Chibi by DokiKiraBishieSenpai
Small Descriptions: Luki tends to be the most funniest couple I have to say, because of the idiocy of Luzio and because he teases a lot. Luzio tends to dominate this pairing, rather arrogant and pulling Yuki along with him. They both love each other mutually, and Luzio would always be planning something for her and teasing her. Yuki is often referred to a rabbit, and Luzio is often referred to a fox. Yuki often wears yukatas because of her family background. You may draw them in any manner, but again please do not draw Yuki with a over sized chest(I am emphasizing this because I want things to be proportional)She is bigger than average, but again please don't make it too big. She tends to wear big shirts to hide her chest, so it looks a lot smaller than it is. More info again can be found in their character reference.




Draw Keiaki and Mitsuki together
Keiaki by :icondokikirabishiesenpai:: Sigh..Studies by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiShoot by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiKeiaki GasMask by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiKeiaki Full body Reference Winter Style + History by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiTo: RinaRinaRina~ by baenana

Rainbow Panel OCs by DokiKiraBishieSenpai(Far right)
Christmas_Raffle by Dark-Ira(middle)

Mitsuki by :iconbaenana::Ref: Mitsuki by baenana

Keiki:Keiki Chibis by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiG'Morning by baenanaKeiki +Speedpaint by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiKeiaki Beary Hug by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiStarry Fate+Speedpaint by DokiKiraBishieSenpai

Small description: Keiki is honestly probably one of the fluffiest couples I think out of all the choicest. They take it slow, and Keiaki tries his best to match her pace. Mitsuki is rather innocent and enjoys hugs from Keiaki because she tends to feel cold easily. Keiaki is basically her heating pack. She would often at times refuse to wear heavy warm jackets because instead, she says she wants to hug Keiaki instead for warmth. Basically, they enjoy hugs a lot. Keiaki tends to monitor Mitsuki,checking on her to make sure she is ok. Mitsuki loves flowers, and tends to compare Keiaki's haircolor to the purple colored moon flowers. Mitsuki name deals with moonflowers. Moonflowers tend to mean "Dreaming to love."Keiaki is often called a bear by Mitsuki due to his warm hugs, and since Mitsuki appears so small and timid to Keiaki, he thinks of her as a mouse. Her chest is average, so again do not draw it over sized. Since Keiaki is a spy and uses technology a lot, you can draw the two in an action like pose and scene if you like. You can also do a nature scene since Mitsuki loves nature. More info can be found on the reference sheets.




Draw Shiro and Ame together
Shiro by :icondokikirabishiesenpai:Shiro Character Full Body  Reference by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiThis Blob of an Oc +Speedpaint by DokiKiraBishieSenpai
Ame by :iconsilverblossoms::Ame by silverblossoms
Shirame: Shirame Chibis by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiShirame Kiss Sunset+Speedpaint by DokiKiraBishieSenpaiAT Silverblossoms by kerravi
Small Description: Shiro at first didn't really trust Ame, but eventually grew to love her and learn how to trust people again. Shiro needs comfort, so it is essential to him more like it. Ame is used as his comfort zone, usually for hugs, and emotionally. Shiro really loves hugs like a Koala bear. Ame grew to like his hugs and love holding his hands.  Ame is actually the one who dominates and teases in this relationship. Her size is bigger than average, but again do not make it too huge that it makes no sense.

Who will be the Judges?

I will not say who is going to be a judge, because if I do, then most likely people will try to be friendly with the judges, and I don't want people to win based on friendship.

How to Participate:

1. You are allowed to sign up anytime before the deadline. 
     - If you donated prizes, you are still allowed to participate in this contest.
2. Please post a journal/poll and then link through comments
3. Favorite this journal
4. There will be a journal of all the list of participants, with their work of art posted next to it once it finishes.…
5. Check if your artwork and your DA name correctly matches together when you check
I am making a list of participants because I may need to track specific participants down and I may need to note you all individually or by a group.

What is allowed and what is not allowed?

:star: A background
:star: Both the characters for the couple drawn. 
:star: Your best effort
:star: Characters must at least be  up to their waist
:star: 1 submission if you are participating.(That is a given).
:star:Coloring of the art piece

:bulletblue: Shirtless males, but they all must have something covering the lower half area.(This means clothing, no censor bars.) 
:bulletblue: Swimsuits
:bulletblue: Digital art
:bulletblue: Traditional art
:bulletblue: 2 submissions 
:bulletblue: Fantasy (Placing them in a fantasy like setting or a parody of a fantasy with altering outfits is allowed.)
:bulletblue: Adding animal ears/tails on the character (only this, no other animal features can be added.)
:bulletblue: Animals within the picture
:bulletblue: Weddings ( can happen..especially since Naokana are engaged)
:bulletblue: Any alternate outfit as long as it covers the parts that are meant to be covered. 
:bulletblue: PG-13 art
:bulletblue: Putting 2 couples or more in one picture

Don't you dares
:bulletred: Do not draw girls with overly huge anatomically  disproportional chests sizes
:bulletred: Fully naked 
:bulletred: Do not include them with anime/fanart characters/ your original characters
:bulletred: Genderbend
:bulletred: Mature Content
:bulletred: Do not mix the Original character couples(Such as putting Naoki with another girl. You CAN PUT 2 COUPLES TOGETHER IN A PICTURE IF YOU WANT THOUGH)
:bulletred: No collaborations whatsoever. You can ask for advice from friends, but do not ask for them to draw it for you. 
:bulletred: Copied/Heavily Referenced/Traced Artwork
:bulletred: Rated R-18, rated Mature art
:bulletred: No altering hair colors/hairlength/eye colors/skin colors(like from pale skin to dark skin)
:bulletred: Please do not use alternate accounts to get more submissions in for the contest.
Basically anything is allowed as long as there is no mature content or copying


Things you may want to know

:star: SIGN UP HERE!
:star: You are allowed to do 2 submissions(repeating because I bet people will ask still)
:star: Even if your 2 submissions are the strongest, and may honestly place twice because of it, you will not win twice. We will pick your strongest piece if we have to make a decision and let another participant win as well.
:star: Feel free to note the owners of the characters if you have questions over their personality or relationships. 
:star: Feel free to note/comment if you have any questions related to this contest.
:star: We are judging based on how well you kept the characters in character, how well you stuck to the theme, effort, creativity, and many other factors. In general, try your best and please have fun.
:star: Please be respectful to all participants. If any of you are found to be disrespectful, I will disqualify you based on your bad sportsmanship regardless of your skill.
:star: Basically anything is allowed, as long as it is not in the do not dares list. I can't list everything  that is allowed after all

Questions for ocs/contest?

:star: Go to our ask forum for the couples if you have questions about the couple. I will have the couple answer:
    - Please type @(insert otp name/oc name here)  before you type your question
    -Limit it to one couple/one oc for it is hard to answer since a few people will have to answer
    -Check everyday because most likely I will eventually answer.
:star: Ask :icondokikirabishiesenpai::iconbaenana::iconsilverblossoms: personally about our ocs if you wish by note/comment
:star: Ask me personally by note/comment if you have a question about the contest.
:star: Ask on this journal: 
Couple Art Contest FAQ/QuestionsHi everyone!I have been receiving a bunch of questions about the art contest. It kind of aggravates me when I receive questions that are all in the journal for the answers. So before you post a question, PLEASE READ THE FULL JOURNAL. ANY QUESTIONS THAT ARE ASKED THAT ARE IN THE JOURNAL, WILL BE REPLIED WITH A BLUNT ANSWER OF ,"Please read the full journal."  If you respond or ask rudely in any manner, you will get a blunt comment back, simple as that. Please respect me as a judge and contest organizer. Remember, I am judging you. Even if it is judging your art, please remember that you have to respectful to ALL PARTICIPANTS AND JUDGES. The judges are all unnamed, but the obvious judge is going to be me. So to stay safe, be nice to ALL DEVIANTS.
If you have questions for the original characters, you can ask on the ask forum here:
If you have questions about the contest itself, then you can ask here. 



You are allowed up to 2 submissions. If you do this, you have to do 2 different couples, not the same couple twice.


Thanks to:

People who donated points/bought commissions from me to make this possible!~
:iconsealkittyy::iconchiyenn::iconyuutomin: :iconsouruuriin::iconchocobikies::iconchuikamashi::iconbluepluu:(:iconxbluestaar:):iconbananasaurr: :iconpfgun0::iconyukidomarix::icon082497::iconrashirou::iconmatomiki::iconmaniac-ani::iconexoticsapphire::iconzenithomocha:

Thanks to the donators for prizes for this art contest~
Please do not hate on these people if you receive prizes from them. They were all willing enough to donate prizes, so be thankful. There aren't that many people in the world willing to do these kind gestures.
:iconbehaved:,:iconrashirou:,:iconyukidomarix:,:iconirockssocks:,:iconchiyenn:,:icongorillaa:,:iconzeranran:,:iconbananasaurr:,:iconaltairria:,:iconmaniac-ani:,:iconyenkin:,:iconyuuike: ,:iconsilverblossoms:,:iconartratene:,:iconjaylu: ,:icon082497: ,:iconsnoozies:,:iconshuuheei:,:iconkimidoll::iconbutter-yums::iconpakkuma:,:iconalicec2246:,:iconpyon-hiyokoi::iconxhelloxkitty:,:iconmasami-chii::iconmonstermallow-kun::iconyuu-tanni::iconxoxnata::iconikimikiquicky::iconangel-souls::icondalkishy::icontranquilerin::iconnamiirin:


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