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Improvement Meme by DokiKiraBishieSenpai Improvement Meme by DokiKiraBishieSenpai
I am doing this because I saw :iconahniki: and :iconpinlin: do this.
I wanted to join the cool club. (Man I am such a loser. :icontearplz: )
I am also doing this because I pretty much ended my senior year in high school. High school has been a big memory for me, so I feel like I need to summarize it with my art as well.
So sadly I can only show you guys from a timeframe of 2011-2014. This is basically a summary of my time on Deviantart. I have lost all my art before this because my parents trashing it, or going through the computer and deleting my files by mistakes. So yes I did lose a lot of work.

Before joining Deviantart
During my elementary school years, I only drew Pokemon, and Kirby pretty much. I quit art at 6th grade, and came back to it in 7th grade because I realized I started to like anime. During 7th grade, I was such a beginner I got bullied for my art. So yes middle school was a traumatizing year for me because during 6th grade-7th grade I was basically alone and bullied. I soon met :iconnoisia-euphoria: and she saw me getting bullied in class during my 7th grade class 4th period, and reached out to me and told me to keep drawing. She even showed me her art as well, making me realize not everyone is born a professional. It takes practice. She influenced me a lot and without her, I bet I wouldn't be drawing today. I soon met :iconflysunotori:, one of her friends in the morning. I found out she liked anime as well and I would always talk to her about Kingdom hearts and other animes. She got me to start many other animes honestly. 
I also met :icongorillaa:, but she probably doesn't remember. I always sort of bothered her  because I wanted to become her friend. 

So during the year 2011, I got my first tablet. During this time, I thought lineart was cool, and coloring did not matter. I was such a big fan of Kingdom hearts and Katekyo Hitman Reborn this time. I kept drawing fanart. When I was younger, I did not color that much. To tell you the truth, I wasn't good at coloring. I was always yelled at for coloring outside the line when younger. This probably was the reason why my coloring was really messy, and I couldn't stand the fact I had to color in my own lines I created. I started doing lineart at first and then I gave up on the idea, because it felt too restrictive. It took me to realize that coloring plays a huge part of art. :iconnoisia-euphoria: taught me the basics of digital art. I visited many livestreams, trying to figure out a coloring method, and at the end I could not follow any of their coloring methods. I had to create my own. I actually tried to do gray scale and add color during this time, or just regular painting with little layers. I also joined my first RP group, so I started to move away from fanart. My first rp group is :iconki-gakuen:

I finally found an art style I was just comfortable with. I can tell you now that I was obsessed with the luminosity feature in Paint Tool SAI. My art style became more solid, and it started to look constant, and many started to recognize my style.I actually changed my coloring method for the hair through this course of time. I started to realize the importance of many layers/folders, so I started to organize my layers a lot more. I began this year with coloring my hair gray scaled, but I realized later that when I do colors for the hair+screen/luminosity, that it looks a whole lot better. So I started to change my coloring method for hair slowly. during this time period as well, :iconflysunotori: made my first speedpaint, and ever since I have been trying to make more speedpaints.

I loved the beginning half of this year. I was able to draw a lot of my ideas and was proud of my works. I actually was really popular during the beginning half of this year on my old Deviantart account. (I consider it popular because I would get 100faves in basically an hour, and usually reach 300 favorites. I also got a lot of comments and I could never reply to all of them). It was kind of too overwhelming, I moved accounts to this current one. I am not as popular now, but I am happy with my current watchers because they were true watchers and followed me all this time. Yes, I did lose a lot of old watchers, but a lot of people on my old account were kind of inactive. 

I actually grew a lot during this year, but this is probably because I was so down because of school work, that I tried to avoid school work by drawing too much. Which was a bad thing for my grades, but without me drawing, I would assume I would be almost suicidal. Drawing was basically a huge stress reliever for me and was way to important above anything else. I actually grew a lot more mature this time, and started to become more aware of things around me. This is a good thing and bad thing I guess, since I am not ignorant to many things anymore. I actually realized my hair coloring had too little shades. I had to add more steps in my hair coloring. (Basically add a multiply layer.) I also realized that the method I color, misses spots in between the spaces of some areas, so I had to slow down and make sure my coloring was way neater. I basically did this by adding a background of one solid color, and then on top of that layer I would make a base color with no shading over the sketch, each in its own folder for parts. This made the drawing way more neat. I also started to do more backgrounds.

I didn't think of this year much so far. Honestly so far this year is going a lot better compared to 2013's last half. This is because there is more to draw and I wasn't artblock as much. I am proud to say that I have now reached 27 original characters now.(20 boys, 7 girls). This number is going to continue in the near future so don't be surprised. I am actually really comfortable coloring now, but at times I feel like I need to add lineart. I still can't lineart without gagging inside or screaming. I hope you guys are looking forward to my future works.

Works you might find here: 
2013Naokana Winter hug+speedpaint by DokiMajesticSwanMs Archer Shoot From the Stars by DokiMajesticSwanOld Art Slideshow (backwards) by DokiMajesticSwan
2014Art trade with Yuuike+Speedpaint Update by DokiMajesticSwanMama Fire Fox Leader-Chiyo by DokiMajesticSwanOne Sky, One Future by DokiMajesticSwan<da:thumb id="443517602">

Words of thanks. Sadly I can't say it to everyone, so I will say it to the main people I talk to now.

:star: :iconnoisia-euphoria:, you have no idea how much you have saved me in my life. Your practical existence has brought me up so much. You raised me to get out of shell and be more confident. You always treated me like an equal and would always make me happier. You always brought a smile on my face. You have no idea how much you mean to me. :iconsawbplz: I always always tell you this, but really you are a savior. You made such a big influence on my life. You are the reason I still draw today. Thank you, just thank you. I will never be able to convey my thanks to you.I hope we will always stay friends. You gave me many art tips and you are the reason why I joined deviantart.Thanks for teaching and believing me.

:star: :iconflysunotori: Sadly we don't talk as much as we use to. I hope that will change in college. You probably don't realize it, but you have always been a big help for me. You have always shared the same interests in me for anime. It is just so funny on your reactions at times. It always makes my day. You are super smart, and you always helped me in schoolwork before. Thanks so much. You honestly were one of the first friends that stayed my friend. I got so much betrayals before, and you still stuck by me. Thanks so much. You are super kind.

:star: :icongorillaa:...Words..I don't even want to use words. Every time I see you, somehow I just smile right away. You are so funny, that it makes me have a heart attack at times. You are so reliable and you always search for me when I am alone. Thank you. You always make my day. I really hope we will stay friends. I feel so natural around you, and I am able to be myself. You have always tried to make me happy and smile. You listen to all my feelings and accept me for the way I am. Thanks so much. I don't even need to use words, because truthfully you are one of the few who could bring a smile on my face right away. 

:star:I have to give a special shout out to :iconbaenana:. Because of your friendship, I was able to get out of my shell more online, and I was able to make my first RP couple, and 2 other RP couples. It is actually almost 3 years since I met you, and I am still so thankful to you. I have so much to say, but you hear it through my texts pretty much all the time. Just remember, you are super important to me always, and I am sorry if I fail to convey my feelings to you. I really treasure every single text I get. I honestly get really jealous when other people talk to you as if they know you better. (Which sometimes they do). I honestly have a lot of insecurities, and you listened to each and every one of them. Thank you for dealing with the over reacting me and crybaby nature of myself. You are super talented and I always admired you. Honestly I kind of idolize you. I am your number 1 fan hehe.

:star::iconmiinji:, this is my 3rd year knowing you. You were one of my first friends on deviantart that I grew close to. Actually, no you were the first.  Why did you take my first close online friend virginity. Haha. At times, I may sound quite mean or sulky around you, and I apologize for that. Thanks for sticking up for me and boosting my confidence. Also thank you for being my sensei in well...uh mature stuff. You pretty much taught me many things, which sort of lost my innocent mind. Without your teaching, well I would be still thinking like a child for many real world things and be really lost in this world. I still remember we first met because I drew this Hibird with a dying will flame pooping rainbows. Haha. I hope we will still be friends.

:star: :iconaltairria: I met you in a rp group called :iconcourtofsouls:. This was my 2nd rp group. To tell you the truth, when I first met you, I didn't think much of you. I just thought of you as a younger member. I was surprised to find out you were older than me. Ria, you stick up with me so much, thank you. Again, this is our 3rd year of knowing each other.  Yes it is hard to believe. I was the idiot co-founder for the group who couldn't help. You helped me manage a RP group called TheBigWorldAroundUs, and would keep trying to raise my spirits. You are really kind Ria. I hope our friendship will continue to grow.

:star: :iconchiyenn: I know you keep saying, you don't do much for me, but please do realize you do  A LOT FOR ME. You always listen to feelings I can't tell anyone and you always tell me to rely on you. You really are reliable panda. You are super nice as well. You try to do so much for me, but I have a hard time conveying words. Don't forget you are important, and don't put yourself down for me, just to raise me up. Don't. I find you as an equal friend and I always will. 

:star::iconsilverblossoms: I know I hardly talk to you now..but I honestly miss talking to you a lot. :iconmingplz: Yes I am a big baby. I don't believe you are my Obaasan still, because you are too young. You are really mature at times, yet you can be childish. Your reactions are always so cute. Thanks for being the 2nd person to take my ocs in for RP couples. Thanks also for always being kind and encouraging. Make sure not to drink. You are super funny and gorgeous. I always loved your girls ocs and your designing skills. Teach me how to girl. Yes, I will continue rebelling against you.

:star: :iconpinlin: Heck you probutt. Admit your proness. Now. Haha I doubt you will, but I will always believe you are. I have only known you for almost a year. Yet I feel like we are so close. Surprisingly it feels a lot shorter? You are so cute. (yes I know your face). Good luck on your Visual novel.  I know you will be a success when you grow up. You will be famous and I will be like, yes I know her. Hehe. Text me more :iconimadplz: Stupid timezones. I love you and thanks for your constant support.

:star: :iconshumijin: You probably don't realize, or maybe you do, but basically I have been a fan of yours secretly ever since 5 ish years ago?   I joined deviantart 3 years ago, but you have always been my idol. Haha. ( ; v ; ) I always watched your speedpaints and always looked forward to your updates. That is why I had to make your fanclub. :iconshumjin-fc: When you agreed to be my friend, you have no idea how happy I was. I was so happy it kept me motivated to keep drawing. You drew me only 2 artworks, and it feels like a lot to me. Continue drawing, and remember your pedo nakama is always happy to talk to you!

:star::iconyuuike: :iconheplz: This pretty pretty girl. WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY AND PERFECT? AHHH. Gorgeous girl. I wish I could meet you. I would take a photoshoot of you. LOL. Anyways, thanks for being a loyal friend for 2 years now. It is surprising it has been this long. You keep improving. SLOW DOWN. SLOW DOWN. I command you. Wait for meeee. I hope we will stay friends. Thanks for talking to me all this time and keeping in touch~Text me more ~

:star::iconglaciaru: You are so awesome. Hehe. You are so funny as well. Your personality always makes me laugh. Glacier abs. Hngh. Doki doki. I love being the duck sitting on you. I would let you melt on me any day. (:iconmingplz: Omg that sounds wrong.. OTL..) I hope I can meet you in the future. I love you cold~ Now melt from my love~ Hehe. You are really considerate and your style is really recognizable. I can't wait to see more of you in the future and your work. 

:star:Everyone else
You guys have all made me want to continue art more. ~
Thanks so much:icontearplz: 
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Pemiru Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//cries wow the improvement :iconpapmingplz: you did amazing sbsjgbs
i'm so glad you were able to continue drawing *7* i hope you have lots of fun in the future <33
; v; Hehe thanks for the support <3
Chiyenn Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rina, I can't thank you enough for being my friend. ;; Ahh this brings tears to my eyes ahaha- asdkfjl

I'm so so so grateful I got to meet you and be your friend. It's been wonderful seeing you improve so much and seeing your confidence rise.
You motivate me to keep drawing to get to your level Shh shh i secretly idolize you too-

I hope this year gets much more better for you and that all of your friends, myself included, will continue sticking by your side to raise you up when you need it.

Thank you for so many memories! I hope I can take Kazuma's virginity RP with you this summer and come to more of your livestreams. 
Don't cry
; v ; Shhh my confidence is still not good LOL
Rashirou Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It was really interesting to see and read ouo and wow you improved sooo much!! oAo
Thanks so much for all the support all these years xD
Rashirou Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hehe you're very welcome >v<
Shumijin Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Omg what?! You got bullied because of your drawings? ..I don't understand how these closed minded people can still exist on this planet nowadays.....

BUT Im glad you found friends to support you! ;u; And dang, you improved so much and were already so good at 14-15!! Way better than me! Keep it up, pedo nakama!
Hahahaha yes I remember you said that you've stalked me secretly for a long time BUT FOR FIVE YEARS SERIOUSLY LOOOL??? 
DokiKiraBishieSenpai Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
Yeah I got bullied because I sucked pretty badly. LOL
Yeah most people are close minded.

> v< Yeah, I am glad I became friends with you. Haha dood you were a lot better than me at that age xD

Well I found you in 8th grade, and my 12th grade year did just end, so yes 5 years.
Sorry if that is creepy. LOL
CecilliaBelleLacroix Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
This was very very interesting to read @_@ You've improved so much!
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